It took six years to launch

In 2011 Fortnite’s first announcement was made during the SpikeTV Video Game Awards. But at the time, it had only been three weeks since the studio had come up with the game idea. After a development marked by delays and several testing periods, Fortnite officially launched in July 2017.

Why is it even called “Fortnite Battle Royale”?

“Fortnight” is an archaic term for a two-week period. When Battle Royale took over as the main driver of users and success, the name went from something that described the elements of the game in three different ways to having precisely zero to do with anything.

Fortnite was not born as a Battle Royale

AT first, many people immediately think of Battle Royale. But the was to focus on Save the World, the cooperative PvE campaign. Players have to build forts to protect themselves from enemies in a devastated world. Everything changed when the studio decided to release a new standalone version of the game based on the successful PUBG.

The famous “dance of Fortnite” was banned in a school

In a primary school in Devon, England banned dancing. According to management, Fortnite “rewarded the murder of other human beings” with the celebratory dance.

It was the subject of a final chemistry test

In 2018, two students from Tippecanoe High School in Ohio, USA, made a proposal to their teacher. If the students could get 6,700 retweets in a photo asking to change the theme of their event, the questions should be about Fortnite. However, they got 30,000 shares and the professor honored his word. Developing a test based entirely on Fortnite.

Predict Your Escape Time

Like other games, the storm is always coming toward the center of the map. It may be hard to predict where it will happen, so players still have to be on guard to know when the fun will end and they have to move to the next part of the map. However, players can predict when the storm will come. Each quadrant of the maps takes 45 seconds to cross, so if players are two quadrants near the zone, they will need a minute and a half to escape.

Ride The Rocket

The entry does sound like an old-school 80s hair metal song, but it is a real thing players can do in Fortnite. Imagine, you want to see what the enemy team is planning, but it is a little far away then what you can get. Players can ride on rockets as they see them going by.