Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness

Release Date: May 06, 2022

Doctor Strange’s Nightmare

The Doctor Strange 2 trailer begins with Benedict Cumberbatch's Stephen Strange speaking of a reoccurring nightmare where he sees a dilapidated Sanctum Sanctorum surrounded by skeletal remains. This is presumably an insight into the Nightmare Dimension and not just a vision in Strange's imagination.This is MCU’s first outing in the horror genre, as well as featuring the return of Sam Raimi to superhero adaptations.

Doctor Strange 2 Sees The Fall Of Kamar-Taj

During the trailer for Doctor Strange 2, there are shots of Qamar-Taj's magical realm which appears to be under attack by a dark force. It appears at one point as a dark cloud that descends on the temple-like home of the Master of the Mystic Arts and sadly it doesn't seem like the fight goes in favor of the magicians as explosions rip through the scenery.

America Chavez's Powers First Look

The first shot of Marvel's new hero America Chavez reveals her multidimensional powers as a star-shaped portal torn into the fabric of the universe behind her as she is initially tied to Doctor Strange's Crimson Bands of Cytorek spell . Upon closer inspection, the bans belong to a mysterious multidimensional demon.

America Chavez Versus A Multiverse Mummy Monster

Throughout this trailer, more featured than the last one is America Chavez, played by Xochitl Gomez. She can travel through those dimensions, which, apparently, fits her into this story. Here we see that she encounters some kind of monster who gives us a lot of mummy vibes. We would imagine, like how Strange's nightmares come about, America does too.

Multiverse Of Madness' Defender Strange Revealed

In a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, the new multiverse variant Defender Strange appears and have been sucked through one of America Chavez's portals. Sporting a new outfit and distinctive white stripes in his hair, he appears to be a more multifaceted for Benedict Cumberbatch's sorcerer. The bruise on his forehead suggests that he, too, is battling the demon who captured Chavez. Doctor Strange 2 Super Bowl TV spot also includes a better look at Defender Strange.

Rintrah Prepares For The Attack On Kamar-Taj

There are a few shots of a minotaur-looking fellow throughout the trailer, and he's a great pull. Rintrah is an R'wellian, a race of Minotaurs from an extradimensional planet. In the comics, Rintrah makes a roundabout way to become Strange's apprentice on Earth. After an accident with a magical amulet, Strange placed Rintrah in a suspended animation dimension, where he lived for nearly 30 years in our time before becoming a professor at Marvel's current school for magical youth, Strange Academy.

The Illuminati Debut In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

After heavy rumors that they would be coming to the MCU, it appears that Doctor Strange 2 marks the debut of the Illuminati, the supremely powerful group of superheroes collectively defending the universe by their founder – Tony Stark. In this version, it appears that Remit has been expanded to include the protection of the entire multiverse. The members, for now, mostly remain under wraps, but it would seem logical that Mordo is one of them.

Jurassic Strange

Stephen Strange and America Chavez are also shown floating through a plane of reality filled with dinosaurs, suggesting that the heroes will travel through the multiverse in time. Another possibility is that Strange and Chavez are visiting Savage Lando from Marvel Comics. The famous locale in the MCU may not be hidden on Earth, but in a different dimension.

Strange Supreme Threatens The Doctor

As shown in the first Doctor Strange teaser at the end of No Way Home, an evil variant of Stephen Strange, also played by Benedict Cumberbatch, will appear in Doctor Strange 2. Strange freefalls through different dimensions, including the mirror dimension and what could be a cartoon dimension. So possibly the dark version of himself is from "What If...?" (who we also saw in the first trailer), and that alternate-reality Strange tells him, "Things just got out of hand."

Iron Man? or captain marvel?

Later in the trailer, a glowing human figure flies through a kaleidoscope of reality. Some may suspect that the figure is the human torch or some other character from Doctor Strange's comics. With the multiverse unfolding once again, the figure may end up being a hero from another reality, like Professor X from the Fox X-Men films, but there's a good chance it will be Monica Rambeau in her full multiverse Captain Marvel. Variant is in the look or Iron man.

Gargantos, The Multiverse Monster or Shuma Gorath

The biggest octopus ever to grace the Capcom fighter is finally on screen! Shuma Gorath is the Marvel Universe's adaptation of Lovecraft's Great Old Ones—he's an extradimensional multiple-angled one  who has battled everyone from Conan to Star Lord, but he's most often associated with Strange in the comics. Outside of comics, he's legitimately one of the most interesting regulars in Capcom fighting games, from Marvel Super Heroes to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Zombie Strange... Or Is It Nightmare?

This trailer has multiple versions of Doctor Strange, as did the last one, but this final version we see has to be the most evil of them all. Just look at him. He looks like a reanimated corpse.This moment teases an entertainingly horrific second solo outing for Doctor Strange. Interestingly, the Super Bowl TV spot showed a clearer look at zombie Doctor Strange.