Rust beginners guide

Rust beginners guide: 7 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Survival games are unforgiving, especially for beginners, as they have to fight off more experienced players to stay alive. 

Rust is a popular survival game with similar mechanics to other survival games; however, it is more challenging than most. 

Many players conversant with survival games say they struggled for the early parts of transitioning to playing Rust.

In Rust, it feels like the whole world is against you as animals, the environment, zombies, and other players in the game try to kill you. However, surviving in this game is no small achievement, with so many obstacles on the way. 

Basic Beginners Guide for Playing Rust 

Learning tricks and tips on playing Rust as a beginner is a great way of improving your chances of staying alive for longer. However, constant practice with these tips is required to become a better player. Here are some helpful tips beginners can use:

  • Select Your Server

The first decision Rust players have to make is selecting the best server to play from as a beginner. The game has three servers: the official, community, and modded servers. 

Official servals have many experienced players ready to finish you off at the slightest chance. If you’re looking to get into the thick of things with experienced players immediately, you may choose this server; otherwise, avoid and use community servers instead. 

Community servers contain different servers for different experience levels, including beginner-friendly servers.

  • Get a Sleeping Bag Fast

A sleeping bag in Rust is respawned spot where you re-emerge if you die in the game. Dying in the game typically means starting at the beach, far from the activity center. 

Getting a sleeping bag fast and positioning it somewhere close will give you a custom restarting point anytime you die in the game.

A sleeping bag consists of 30 clothes gotten from help plants. Each hemp plant contains ten clothes. 

  • Gather Wood and Stone

Wood and stone are vital resources in the game and important for the building. All players start with a stone in their hands that help in cutting trees and breaking stones for your inventory. Shiny stones offer more value, so be on the lookout for those. 

While gathering resources is important, gathering too much easily becomes a problem as looters notice you easily and trail you till they’ve looted and harmed you. 

As a beginner, you want to stay out of sight as much as possible, and packing light is a good way to avoid attention from looters.

  • Understanding Character Status

Your character in the game has three important meters at the top of the screen and understanding what each means will help a beginner survive for longer. 

The first bar represents health and diminishes when the payer is attacked, falls, or experiences an adverse effect in the game. When the health meter depletes, the player dies.

The next bar is the calorie bar, which indicates the amount of energy the character has for activities. Activities like running, walking, and cutting down trees, will lower the calorie meter, while eating more food increases it. 

The third and least important bar is the rad, meaning radiation. It indicates the amount of radiation you have been exposed to, where proper clothing during the sun reduces radiation.

  • Avoid Setting Up Fires at Night

It may be difficult to see at night, but it is best to avoid putting up fires at night as it can alert nearby enemies of your location. 

You are putting yourself, and your base at risk as looters will seek out the fire. It is best to build during the day and take cover at night.

  • Choose the Right Base Location

Several factors affect the choice of base location, but the most important for new players is safety. Looters can put new players off by ransacking their base and stealing resources. 

So, it is best to choose a secure location for your base. An ideal location is away from the road or any gathering spot like a river. Siting your base away from areas with frequent activity will keep looters away from your first base. 

  • Build an Airlock in Your Base

Double doors are a great way to secure your property from looters. Building an inner room with an airlock in your base where you store your stash will mean your resources are secured even if you die. 

Ensure to lock the inner door at all times, even at the risk of dying to protect your stash.


Rust can become quite enjoyable once you learn how to stay alive for longer, with the many features in the game keeping you busy. 

However, the game is brutal and can easily become annoying when you keep struggling to stay alive for a long. For quicker results, check out some of the best Rust hacks available.


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