How to tame a llama in Minecraft

How to tame a llama in Minecraft – Easiest way to ride and tame llamas in Minecraft 2022

Llamas are one of the most adorable animals in Minecraft, and I do think this is also a good reason why people wanna tame them and ride on them. There are many other reasons too such as you can use them as living storage.

So today in this article I am gonna tell How to tame a llama in Minecraft and how to ride llamas in Minecraft, with other information such as how you can use them as living storage and other things.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Available Platforms

Edition PlatformAvailable
Java EditionWindows, Mac & Linux PC’sYES
Bedrock EditionXbox One, iOS, Android, Windows 10 PC’s, Fire OS, Nintendo SwitchYES
Education EditionMac, Windows 10 PC’s, iOs 12YES
PlayStation EditionPlayStation 3 & 4YES

Required Materials to Tame and Ride a Llama

To tame a llama you will need some materials, and after using them you will be able to tame them. So here are the materials that you will need:

  • 10 wheat
  • 5 Hay bales
  • Llama

Now without further ado let me tell you the easiest ways to get these materials.

Wheat in Minecraft

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

To get Wheat in Minecraft all you have to do is find a place with water. So in short your first step will be…find an area of land that has water. After finding an area you have to hold a Hoe.

Make sure that you selected the Hoe in the Hotbar, cause if you wanna use it then you have to hold it in your hands. Now, all that is left is to use the Hoe on the land and plant the Wheat seeds.

Fact: You can use Bone-meal to get wheat earlier than usual.

And the last thing that is left…harvest the Wheat and pick up the Wheat.

Hay Bales in Minecraft

To create Hay Bales, here you will have to use a crafting table. Yeah by putting 9 wheat in the 3×3 crafting grid you can easily get Hay Bales.

Make sure that the wheat are placed in the exact pattern as the image that I gave below.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Llamas in Minecraft

Llamas can be found at any place around the Minecraft world but there are some specific biomes that are especially known for them or you can say by going those biomes you can easily find llamas in Minecraft world.

So the well-known biomes are:

  • Mountains
  • Wooded-mountains
  • Savanna

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

If you are facing some troubles or something else then you can use any cheat or spawn eggs 😉

How to tame and ride llamas in Minecraft

Hope you collected all the required materials that you need. So now without further ado let me tell you…

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

By riding on them: To tame a llama first all you have to do is find a llama, and by going those biomes that I mentioned before you can easily find a llama. After finding and locating the llama all that left is, press the use button on them with your hands.

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Note: make sure that your hands are empty, cause if you are holding something then it can be a reason for some troubles.

Basically, if you hold something and try to ride on them then you will hit them unwantedly, and if you hit them they will attack you by spitting.

So keep the note in your mind and ride on them over and over, and the time when the llama looks at you when you jump on and doesn’t remove you from its back, then it’s a clear indication that the llama is yours or in other words, you tamed the llama.

By Feeding them: With this process, you can tame a llama even faster than before. All you have to do is feed the llama. Yeah, you have to feed them either 10 wheat or 5 hay bales. 


How to tame a llama in Minecraft

Just place the hay bale or wheat in the Hotbar.

Note: make sure that the wheat or hay bales are selected.

The game controls that you should know to feed llama in different versions of Minecraft.

  • You have to right-click on the llama if you are using Java Edition (PC/Mac), Windows 10 Edition, Education Edition.
  • For pocket edition, you have to move your pointer to the llama and press the feed button.
  • If you are playing Minecraft on PS3 or PS4 then you have to click the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U, you have to press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • You have to press the LT button if you are using XBOX one or XBOX 360. 
  • For Nintendo Switch, just press the ZL button on the controller.

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How to Ride a Llama

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

So I hope that you tamed a llama successfully, so now if you wanna ride the llama then all you have to do is locate the llama you tamed. After locating the llama hit the use button on the llama to take your ride.

Note: Make sure that you are not holding anything in your hands.

In case if you weren’t able to tame the llama that time then you will notice that the llama will buck you off. Don’t worry cause this time you have to keep riding over and over again. After sometimes they will be tamed by impressed for your determination.

Basically while riding on them you will see hearts over their head or in some cases, you will see that the llama is looking back at you in admiration.

Video Tutorial:

How to Breed Llamas in Minecraft

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

In my previous article I described this topic fully with explanation, but in case if you didn’t read that article then you can read that article by clicking here.

Otherwise here’s a short explanation about how to breed llamas in Minecraft.

To breed llamas first all you have to do is gather two llamas and tame them.  After taming them you can put leads on them and keep them together at the same place.

Now just feed them hay bales or wheat and then you will see that they start mating. When you will feed them those hay bales or wheat you will see hearts appearing between them, and that means that the baby llama is coming soon.

After a few seconds later you will see a baby llama spawning near its parents.

How to put a chest on a tamed llama in Minecraft

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

If you wanna use your llama as a storage item then you can also turn your llama into living storage, unlike other animals. All you have to do is equip a chest onto them

To do this first you have to create a chest and then hit the use button on your llama while holding the chest in your hands.

However, the amount of storage your llama has is determined by its unseen strength stat but it also depends on the strength of the llama. In short the stronger llama you have the more slot you will get.

The process to open the llama inventory is the same as the basic inventory has.

How to put a carpet on a tamed llama in Minecraft

How to tame a llama in Minecraft

For your kind information let me tell you that you can place any kind of color carpets on any tamed llama. It can be very helpful if you have too many llamas. Cause after that you can try different color carpets on different llamas and make them so good.

After placing carpet on the tamed llama you can also mount the llama and open their inventory, so don’t worry about it. This will bring up a menu where any color carpet can be applied in the lower-left corner.

FAQS about How to tame and ride llamas in Minecraft

—> Can you saddle a Llama?

However, unlike horses, you can’t saddle a llama and ride them like a horse. But you can do one thing and that is you can hop on their back.

Note: However you can’t actually control where they go.

Now the only way you can get llamas to get where you wanna go is by attaching a lead to them and drag them along for the ride.

—> Can you ride a llama like a horse in Minecraft? or Can llamas be ridden in Minecraft?

In one word if I say then it’s yes, and in this whole article, I explained the whole thing about how to ride on them so if u didn’t read carefully then do check again.

—> Can you tame Trader Llamas? and Can you ride trader llamas?

Yes, you can tame any trade llama but while riding on them make sure that you tamed them.

—> Can you get wool from llamas?

No, you can’t get wool from llama in Minecraft cause they can’t be sheared like sheep. When you will kill a sheep they will drop wool but in the case of llama, you will get leather.

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