How to make glass bottle in Minecraft – 2022

So you guys want to make glass bottles in Minecraft, right? If yes then stay with this article till the end because here I am going to share all the best ways to make a glass bottle in Minecraft, in short, I will cover this topic today… “How to make glass bottle in Minecraft”.

Here I will also share all the essential things that you should know about glasses and glass bottles.

As we all know that Minecraft is an open-world game, and here in this game you can craft many items that are so useful and that will also help you to survive in the Minecraft world.

The creators of this game take a lot of things from the real world, and glass and glass bottles are also some of the things that we can find in the real world and even in the game too.

Basically, in the real world, we use glass bottles to store liquified things and here in the game, the work of glass bottles is the same.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

In a Nutshell: 

To create Glass Bottle, all you have to do is put three glasses inside of the crafting table. In the first row, you have to put one glass in the first box and the second one in the third box. Now you have to just put another glass in the second box of the second row.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

What is glass bottle in Minecraft?

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

In Minecraft, a glass bottle is one of those items that can be crafted by glasses, and with the help of a glass bottle, you can easily hold water, potions, dragon’s breath, honey, and all liquid things.

Now the question is how can you get glasses…don’t worry it’s so easy, just follow the steps that I am going to say and you are good to go…

How to get Glass in Minecraft

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

As I said that if you wanna create a glass bottle all you have to do is collect glasses, but glasses can’t be found because glasses are something you can craft easily.

So now you know that you have to craft glasses first and here’s the best way to create glass in Minecraft

  • First, all you have to do is create a crafting table by using 4 wood planks, and by placing these planks into the crafting menu with a 2×2 formation, you will get a crafting table.

Note: In the crafting menu you have to use some kind of wood/plank. So yeah any planks will work such as Oak plank, jungle planks, etc.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

  • Now you have to place the crafting table on the ground, and when you will open this you will see a 3X3 crafting grid.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

  • The next step is you have to create a furnace with the help of the crafting table that you made.

To create a furnace you have to collect 8 cobblestones or Blackstones, and by placing them into the crafting table, just as I did in the image below. Now again just like the crafting table, you have to place the furnace on the ground.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

  • When you will open it you will see two free boxes, so here all you have to do is put the fuel sources in the bottom box. Basically, you can use coal, wood, planks, wooden items, etc as fuel.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

  • Now the last thing you have to do is find sand blocks from desert biomes and put them into the furnace. make sure you put the sand in the top box of the furnace.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft-min

Congratulations now you can see your glass on the right bar, so just collect it to make glass bottles.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

Now without further ado let me cover our main topic…

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft (step by step)

There are many different ways to get glass bottles in Minecraft and all of them are useful but the best way to get glass bottles is by crafting them. yeah as I already said that you can easily craft glass bottles, so here’s the recipe…

  • By crafting:

Required materials: Crafting table, Glasses.

The first thing that you have to do is open the 3×3 crafting table you made, and after that, you have to place three glasses in the 3×3 crafting grid.

In the crafting table, you have to place the glasses in a pattern of “V” or You can also see the image given below to make sure that you are not doing wrong.

In the first row, you have to place two glasses (One glass will be in the first box and one will be in the third box), and in the second row, you have to put one glass in the middlebox. Basically, this is the one and only crafting recipe to make glass bottles, so make sure that you did everything properly.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

Now you can move the crafted glass into your inventory…

  • By drinking: 

If you don’t know then let me tell you that you can easily reuse the glass bottles when the glass bottle will be empty again. So yeah by drinking a potion, or water it again turns into an empty glass.

But one thing you should be aware of is that many people try to get empty glass bottles by throwing a splash potion or a lingering potion but the truth is it won’t work.

But you can also brew a lingering potion because it may help you properly to give back your glass bottle.

  • By killing Witches:

Witches, are one of the mobs that drop glasses after their death. So you can easily get glasses by killing them. After you kill a witch, it will drop around 0-6 glass bottles, and that is a really good amount.

But you also have to be careful because when you will try to kill them they will also attack you back.

Tip: It can be increased by 3 whenever you achieve three more levels than before. Don’t worry it’s not endless because the maximum amount of getting glass bottles is 0-15.

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

  • By Cauldrons:

If you use a water bottle on a not fully added cauldron and that liquid to the cauldron, leaving the player with an empty glass bottle. (In Bedrock edition a potion, lingering potion, or splash potion)

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Video Tutorial:


Usage of glass bottles

Basically,  the uses of glass bottles are mostly the same as real glass bottles do. But in Minecraft, there are some other works too that you can do by using a glass bottle and here I am gonna share all of them…

  • Water:

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

You can easily fill water in a glass bottle by holding it on a hand and using it on a water source block or on a cauldron that has water. You can also fill the glass bottle by powering a dispenser and that containing a bottle. But make sure that the containing dispenser is pointed at any water source block.

Note: This will not work with cauldrons.

  • Collect Honey:

If you want to collect honey in a glass bottle then you can easily collect it by using it on a bee nest but you have to make sure that the bee nest is filled with honey.

  • Breath of a dragon’s:

How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

It’s quite interesting but it’s true that you can store dragon’s breath in the glass bottle. To store the dragon’s breath all you have to do is use the glass bottle in clouds emitted when the ender dragon breathes.

There’s another way but it can be a little dangerous but if you are able to dodge the shoots of a dragon’s fireball because it can easily fill the bottle with the dragon’s breath.

  • Potion:


How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

This point is especially for players who play Bedrock Edition. So yes here in Bedrock Edition if you get a glass bottle filled with potion then you can use it on a cauldron containing potion, and when the bottle is full 1/3 of the cauldron containing potion will come out.

FAQS about How to make glass bottle in Minecraft

—> Can you put milk in glass bottles Minecraft?

If you want to put milk in glass bottles then you can easily do this by using the glass bottle on a cow.

—> How do you use the bottle in Minecraft?

To use a glass bottle all you have to do is right on any water source block and then the glass bottle will be filled with water.

—> How do you make a potion bottle in Minecraft?

—> Can you place bottles in Minecraft?

You can easily place down a glass bottle on your nightstand, and you can also take a sip when you wake up from bed in the morning. By the way, it’s not necessary to pick up the item to use it.

—> Are bottles of enchanting worth it?

A bottle can be thrown by pressing o ‘charming use. In effect, it will drop 3-11 experience points worth of experience. If you are curious about how many points it takes to get to that level, you need more points to get to the next level that you have raised.


As you can see a glass bottle is an important item in Minecraft and I hope that by reading this article you can now successfully make a glass bottle in Minecraft. I hope that you also liked all the other essential information that I provided here in this article regarding glass bottles.

Please also share this within your friend circle, and if you face any problem in crafting glass bottles, then tell me in the comment box I will help you with the solution as soon as possible.


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