How to make flower pot in Minecraft – Best way to craft flower pot in Minecraft 2021

So guys you wanna store flowers in flower pots or maybe want to decorate your house with flowers then, in both cases, you will need flower pots because without flower pots you can’t do any of them.

So that’s why today I am going to share this recipe or you can say I am going to cover this topic “How to make flower pot in Minecraft”.

As I said a flower pot is basically used for decorative purposes and it can contain flowers, bamboo, saplings, cacti, mushrooms, fungi, and other reasonably sized plants.

Now let’s talk about what is actually a flower pot…

What is flower pot in Minecraft?

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

Flower Pots, one of the most not that useful but most decorative and popular items for players. It’s all because with the help of a pot you can easily spruce up your next home build with a nice floral or plant decoration.

Basically, that’s all you can do with flower pots otherwise there are not a lot of practical purposes. If you want a pop of color to a certain place then with the help of flower pots, you can bring some visual appeal to the place.

You can plant many different items on a flower pot such as flowers, saplings, ferns, dead bushes, cacti, bamboo, Azaleas, and roots.

Flower pots are the kind of thing that can be crafted and can be obtained by finding different places in Minecraft such as witch huts, basements of igloos, and woodland mansions.

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Available Platforms

Edition PlatformAvailable
Java EditionWindows, Mac & Linux PC’sYES
Bedrock EditionXbox One, iOS, Android, Windows 10 PC’s, Fire OS, Nintendo SwitchYES
Education EditionMac, Windows 10 PC’s, iOs 12YES
PlayStation EditionPlayStation 3 & 4YES


Now without further ado let’s jump into our main topic “How to create flower pot in Minecraft”. So first we will talk about the Materials you will need to create a flower pot.

Required Material for a flower pot

To create a flower pot all you have to do is collect some items/materials that I am going to tell then put them into the crafting table like I will describe then you will easily get your flower pot.

So the materials are:

  • Crafting table: As you, all know that a crafting table is one of the important things in Minecraft. Because to create most of the items crafting table will be there for some purposes, it can be big or can be short.

To create a crafting table all you have to do is put four planks into your crafting menu and then you will see your crafting table is ready to use.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

  • Clay: Clay is the most important and major material to create a flower pot because without clay you can’t create craft bricks and without bricks, it is not possible to create a flower pot.

There are many places where you can find or get clay in Minecraft. Basically, clay can be found in Minecraft around the coast of the Island or near combinational places.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

If you wanna know everything in more detail then you can also read this article: How to get Clay in Minecraft?

  • Bricks:  Bricks are one of the most important items you can say because you have to turn clay into bricks to create a flower pot. Though you can also find bricks in other places too but still crafting bricks is one the best way.

As I said you can easily turn clay into a Brick by using the Crafting table, and in the case of the flower pot you will need 3 Bricks.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

Here’s the process to create Bricks in Minecraft:

To create bricks first all you have to do is create a furnace. You can easily create a furnace by using 8 cobblestones or Blackstone, By just putting them in the crafting table like the image that I gave below.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

I hope u collected some clay successfully, so now you have to just put the clay into the furnace’s top section just like this…

How to make flower pot in Minecraft


You also have to put some fuel in the bottom section. You can use many things for fuel such as wood, wooden things, lava bucket, coal, etc.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

If you did everything well then now just wait for some time until the arrow becomes completely white. After that, a brick should then be generated on the right-hand side of the furnace slot as shown.

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How to make flower pot in Minecraft

After you collected all the materials now just follow the steps below:

  • Place three bricks: To create a flower pot, first, you have to open the crafting table able and then you have to put the bricks into the crafting table.

In the crafting table, you have to add a brick in the first and third boxes of the first row, and in the second row, you have to add the brick in the middle of the box. If you still didn’t understand then you can also look at the image that I gave below.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

Hope you did everything well so now you can add the flower pot to your inventory and use it.

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

Other ways to get flower pot in Minecraft:

Minecraft Flower Pot Command:

By using the command you can also create a flower pot in Minecraft, but the question is which edition allows you to run the commands right? So here are the following editions that allow you:

  • Java Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch

If you want to run the flower pot command in Minecraft then all you have to do is open your chat window and type the command that I am going to share with you below…

Java Edition 1.13 and higher flower pot command: /give @p flower_pot 1

PE, Xbox One, Switch, Win 10, Education Edition: /give @p flower_pot 1 0

How to use flower pot in Minecraft

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

If you are a player who plays Minecraft java edition then there’s nothing because you can place the flower pot on any surface.

But if you are playing Minecraft in Bedrock edition then you should know some things like, in Bedrock edition it requires plan pots to be placed on top of a full-block surface, a stone wall, on top of a fence, or a hopper.

Also, you cannot place the flower pot on slabs or stairs in the Bedrock Edition. Otherwise, all you need to do is collect mushrooms, flowers, or many different plants that you want to put into the flower pot.

If you want to place the flower pot in a specified place then you just have to click on the place while holding the flower pot in ur hand, and to put the flower into the pot you have to do the same click on the flower pot while holding the flower you wanna put. 

Benefits Of A Flower Pot or Uses of Flower pot in Minecraft

How to make flower pot in Minecraft

I already told you that it can be very beneficial but for those who wanna decorate their house with lots of different flowers with flowerpots. Because Potted plants are so good looking or you can say decorative.

All the items that you can put in a flower por:

  • mushrooms
  • fungi
  • Roses
  • block high flowers
  • saplings
  • ferns
  • dead bushes
  • cacti
  • bamboo
  • and roots.
  • other different flowers and plants

Plants can be removed by using the interact button.

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FAQS about How to make flower pot in Minecraft

—> How do you make a plant pot?

In this whole article, I told you fully that How you can make a flower pot in Minecraft but if you still didn’t understand then watch this video:

—> How do you make flower pots float in Minecraft?

Sorry to say but it is not possible, yeah you heard right you can’t make a flower pot float. Even after using the old trick.

*Old Trick: Place a solid block and then put the item you want to make float on the top of the block. Now simply break the solid block and then you will see the item is floating but in the case of a flower pot it will not work either.

—> How do you make colored flower pots in Minecraft?

By coloring clay, you can easily make coloring bricks and with the help of coloring bricks, you can make a beautiful flower pot with different colors.

—> Can you place flower pots on trapdoors?

Unfortunately, you can’t place flower pots on trapdoors, but after some updates, it can be changed.

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