how to get sponge in minecraft

How to get sponge in Minecraft – Best ways to make sponges in Minecraft 2022

Are you guys looking for a fully described article about “How to get sponge in Minecraft”?

If yes, then you are in the right place because today in this article I am going to share every single detail about sponges, “how you can get sponges in your Minecraft world” easily, and all other necessary things that you should know.

Before I jumped into the topic I really wanna appreciate the Minecraft creators for giving us such a creative game in this era. The mindset and thinking they used to create this game are mind-blowing and unique too.

And the best part of this game is the resources it has. Just like one of the most unique resources is Sponges. If I am not wrong then we all used to know this word for so long time.

Yeah, I am talking about those soft sponges which can absorb a good amount of water with the help of the holes it has and most people use this to wash dishes.

So yeah the reason I am talking about the real sponges is…

In Minecraft, you can also find sponges that have similar functionalities. (I mean the quality of absorbing water)

So without further ado let’s jump into the topic…

What is Sponge in Minecraft?

how to get sponge in minecraft

Like other blocks in Minecraft, sponges are also one of the blocks in Minecraft that can be used to remove a good amount of water rapidly.

As I said that sponges are one of the most useful blocks in Minecraft because of their ability to absorb a large amount of water rapidly, but still the one more good thing about sponges is sponges are completely reusable.

Actually, It works like when you use a sponge to absorb water it turns into a wet sponge, and after turning a sponge into a wet sponge all you have to do is place the wet sponge inside the furnace, and then it will turn again into a regular sponge.

So yeah by using a sponge you can easily fix any base that was griefed by another player who drowned it in water. You can also use sponges to transport water from a place to a different place without using a bucket.

Even with a sponge, you can also do simpler tasks such as you can easily drain out a whole pond using a sponge instead of using a bucket.

Note: In Minecraft, every single sponge can absorb up to 62 blocks of water very easily, and that’s quite a huge amount of water that a bucket can’t.

So now I am gonna share the most important topic or you can say the most important point of this article…

How to Get Sponge in Minecraft or Where you can get Sponges in Minecraft?

how to get sponge in minecraft

Basically in Minecraft sponges are not craftable so you have to find them in the ocean Monuments. So yeah I am saying that if you wanna get a sponge then all you have to do is travel to the nearest ocean monument, and an ocean monument can be found near seas.

After reading this article you are going to apply them right, so before that let me tell you something important.

Note: When you will arrive at any Ocean monument then all you have to do is be careful near them because there are many enemies around them who will come to kill you.

There are many different and useful methods to find a sponge in Ocean Monument. So without further ado let’s jump into the methods…

  • First method:

how to get sponge in minecraft

You can get sponges by farming them. Yes, you heard right you can farm them by killing an elder guardian. You can easily find elder guardians inside the Ocean monument but the one thing that you have to keep in mind is they are also your enemies.

Note: Before entering the monument you should always wear night-vision goggles because with the help of that you can clearly see what’s going on inside the water and where are the elder guardians inside the monuments.

  • Second method:

how to get sponge in minecraft

This method might take some time of yours but this is one of the best and easiest ways to get a good amount of sponges naturally.

Here in this method all you have to do is find sponges inside the ocean mountain rooms, and there are high chances of getting sponges up to 30 units in these rooms. 

But still, the sad truth about this method is, not all ocean mountains generate these kinds of sponge rooms.

According to the updates from Minecraft official, Each of the 36 columns in the room has a 50% chance of having one sponge, a 17% chance of having two sponges, and a 33% chance of being empty.

  • Creative & Commands

You can also get sponges from the creative inventory and by using commands. Sponges can be found easily in the creative inventory, and in java-edition sponges can be found in the tab for building blocks. In Bedrock edition it can be found in the tab for natural blocks.

—>Here are the commands: 

  • Java Edition: /give [PlayerName] minecraft:sponge [amount]
  • Bedrock Edition: /give “PlayerName” sponge [amount]

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How to re-use a wet sponge? or How to make sponges in Minecraft

As I told you already that a sponge can be reused by drying them, so here are all the ways to make them reusable:

  • The first and the easiest way to turn the wet sponge into a normal sponge is by putting the sponge into the furnace. Then use fuel and wait for some time and then you will see a normal sponge again.
  • The second method can be a little difficult for you but believe me not that difficult, yeah because all you have to do is enter into the Nether world with the wet sponge.

how to get sponge in minecraft

Bedrock edition:

A sponge can easily dry out if you place the sponge in any dry biome. In short, all you have to do is, go to any dry biome and then have to sit there for some minutes after that you will see the wet sponge turned into a regular sponge.

Also in bedrock edition, if a wet sponge comes closer and contacts with water in a dry biome, then the sponge will immediately suck up the water and then dry out with a steam puff.

Uses of Sponges in Minecraft

  • Absorbing Water:

how to get sponge in minecraft

The first and common use of a sponge is absorbing water. Though I already told you, so yeah a sponge can absorb up to 62 blocks of water very easily. A sponge can absorb water from every direction and it starts absorbing water from the center instead of the sides.

  • Underwater Base:

how to get sponge in minecraft

As we all know now that sponges are the fastest way to empty any water-filled area. So sponge’s this ability can be one of the best things for those players who want to create an underwater base.

Because with the help of sponges you can easily create dry place under the water and build your house more smoothly than usual.

  • Decoration: 

If you look carefully at the sponge then you will see that it has a good decorative structure, because of that many players use sponges for decorative purposes. So if you are interested then you can also use this for your own decorative purpose.

You can also use wet sponges as a nice addition to a fish tank without risking soaking up all of the tank water.

  • Drying up any ocean monument:


how to get sponge in minecraft

We all know that to get sponges, we have to go to the ocean monument and find the sponge room inside the monuments. But do you know inside of the sponge room you will also find the mix of dry and wet sponges?

The wet sponges will not absorb but the dry sponges of that room can be used to decrease the water level, and when the water level will be decreased so that you will get an extra advantage in fighting guardians and mining sponges easily.

The fifth and last one is kinda you can say a trick so read carefully to know properly…

  • Collect more water into a bucket than usual:

how to get sponge in minecraft

After using a sponge we all know that it turns into a wet sponge and by putting it inside the furnace we can make it dry. But if you use this trick before smelting the sponge you can use the water in the sponge later.

So all you have to do is while smelting the sponge in a furnace, you can place the bucket in the fuel slot, and after that, the bucket will collect water from the sponge.

Video Tutorial about Usage of Sponges:

FAQS about How to get sponge in Minecraft

—> What is the easiest way to get sponges in Minecraft?

The easiest and ensured way to get Sponges is by killing an Elder Guardian. After killing one elder Guardian you will get at least one wet sponge.

—> Can you get sponges in Minecraft survival?

Well if I say in one word then yeah you can get sponges in Minecraft survival.

—> How do you make sponges?

Well here’s a full-described video, so if you want you can watch it…

—> How do you make a dry sponge in Minecraft?

To make a dry sponge all you have to do is through the sponge into water or into the ocean.

—> Can you craft a sponge?

In Minecraft sponge is also one of the blocks that are not craftable, so yeah you can’t craft but you can find them or can get them in ocean monuments.

—> Does every ocean monument have a sponge room?

It’s true and sad also that not all ocean monuments create sponge rooms.

—> Where do sponges spawn in ocean monuments?

Basically, sponges are spawn inside one of the rooms that are placed in Ocean monuments, and you will see the sponges at the top of the ceiling or you can see on the ground dropped by the Elder Guardians.

So here’s everything all you need to know about sponges and also know “How to get sponge in Minecraft🙂


Congratulations, Now you can easily go to any ocean monument and get a good amount of sponge without any interruption. Though there is also a way is available which is by killing an elder guardian, but still I will choose the first one because that’s the safest way to get a sponge in Minecraft. Btw Best of luck for your Minecraft journey and please share this article with your friends if you found this article helpful to you.


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