how to get clay in minecraft

How to get clay in Minecraft – Best easy ways to find clay in 2022

Hello guys, today in this article you are going to know about clay and also going to know how to get clay in Minecraft.

Clay is a word that we used to know since we were children, right? and here in Minecraft clay is also one of the most useful blocks.

But however, many people think that finding clay is one of the most difficult things so that the most common question to them is…

How to get clay in Minecraft or Where can I get clay in Minecraft?

With the help of clay, a player can easily make many various items such as different blocks and bricks and many other crafts too. 

Okay, so without further ado let’s talk about what is clay actually…?

What is Clay in Minecraft?

Clay is a block that can be found anywhere such as in water, in the sand, in the dirt, swamps, etc. It is a kinda block that can be smelted easily by using a furnace. And if you don’t know what is furnace then let me tell you in short…

“A furnace is one of the most useful items and every player must need this to smelt something or to cook something. You can easily create a furnace by using 8 cobblestones. Yeah, you have to just put them on the crafting table. (make sure you leave the center box empty)

How to get sponge in Minecraft

Now let’s come back to the topic…

To smelt Clay in a furnace you have to first activate the furnace by using fuel. Fuel can be easily founded in Minecraft so don’t worry about it. Cause as fuel, you can use coal, charcoal, wooden items, woods, logs, etc.

Basically, when clay melts it turns into terracotta, and with the help of terracotta, You can build things with decoration. 

Clay can also be transformed into clay bricks and with the help of these bricks, you can create your own house, and save your spawn point by using the bed, you can also create flowerpots using bricks. 

Available Platforms

Java EditionWindows, Linux PC’s, MacYES
Bedrock EditionAndroid, Fire OS, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 PC’s, Xbox One, iOSYES
Playstation EditionWindows 10 PC’s, Mac, iOs 12YES
Education EditionPlayStation 3 & 4YES


Things you must be needed to collect clay

There’s no need to carry so many things to mine because clay can be mined easily by using anything you have, but with a shovel, the process can be faster than usual. 

How to get clay in Minecraft?

Where is Clay located in Minecraft?

  • Combinational Places:

Basically, clay can be found easily in places where you can see such combinations as sand, water, and dirt. All the places you can find easily near lakes, near-desert biomes, and also near shallow waters.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Around the coast of the Islands:

It’s true that you can find clay around the coast of Minecraft islands.

Here’s a pic and now you can easily see how it may look around the coasts of the Islands in Minecraft. You can also get more by mining more nearby areas so make sure you mined nearby places.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • In chests:

You can also get clay inside of the chests which are located around the Minecraft world. you can find chests inside villages, caves, ravines, dungeons, the Nether, etc.

Tips: You can also get clay outside of the villages which are located in savannas, plains, and deserts.

Even some villagers will also provide you free clay with the help of the hero of the village advancement. 

Unfortunately, this thing is only available in the java edition. So if you are a player who plays Minecraft in java edition then enjoy 😉

how to get clay in minecraft

Best ways to retrieve Clay in Minecraft

As I said already that clay can be mined easily without any tool, but if you use a shovel that will be much better because with the help of a shovel you can mine clay instantly.

So yeah in short with a shovel you are just speeding up the whole process and that allows you to collect more clay than usual.

But still, the way clay is retrieved, completely depends on you, and depends on the place, where you are in-game.

Video tutorial…

Okay so now I am gonna say about the uses of clay in Minecraft…so without further ado let’s start again…

What are the uses of Clay in Minecraft or How to use clay in Minecraft?

As I told you before that clay is one of the most useful blocks and has many multiple uses in Minecraft. So here are the things you can make by using Clay…

  • Clay Block:

Using 4 clay balls you can easily make a clay block. yeah, you heard right you can make a clay block by placing 4 clay balls in a 2×2 arrangement in your crafting menu.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Terracotta: 

To make terracotta all you have to do is place the clay block in the furnace and as the fuel of the furnace use coal or something else you want. Now just wait for sometimes and boom your terracotta is ready.

Tip: By using color dyes you can also color the terracotta into different colors. and with the help of that, you can easily decorate your house or whatever you want to.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Glazed terracotta:

If you still not satisfied yet then here’s another thing you can do with the clay.

After making terracotta from clay block now you have to just put the terracotta into the furnace again, and after that the simple terracotta or if you colored them by using dyes then the colored terracotta will be turned into glazed terracotta. 

Here you can see normal colored terracotta and what they turned into…

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Bricks:

By cooking clay balls you can easily create Bricks and with the help of that, you can create buildings. Basically, there are not any important use of bricks but with a good amount of bricks, you can unlock some new amazing recipes too.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Brick Blocks:

You can also make brick blocks by placing the bricks on the crafting table. All you have to do is, arranging them in a two x two form.

how to get clay in minecraft

  • Flowerpot: 

If you want to make flowerpots to decorate your house with beautiful flowers which are planted in flower pots then yeah you can do this too. 

yep, you heard right you can make flowerpots by arranging the bricks in a “V” shape inside of the crafting table. 

how to get clay in minecraft

Fact about clay

If you enchanted your shovel with the silk touch enchantment, then it will be more awesome for you, yeah it’s because if you enchant it then you will get the block instead of clay balls. 

FAQs about How to get clay in Minecraft?

—> Where do u find clay in Minecraft?

I already told you where you can find clay in Minecraft but still, if you missed somehow then let me tell you again…

  • At the bottom of the rivers and lakes in shallow.
  • Underwater in swamps, beaches, oceans.
  • Inside of the villager’s quests.
  • Combinational Places such as sand, water, and dirt.

—> Can you make clay Minecraft? or Can you craft clay in Minecraft?

To be honest you can not make clay in Minecraft using a furnace or crafting table, because this is an item that can be founded in different places in Minecraft world. 

—> Is Clay rare in Minecraft?

In one word if I say, it is hard or not then I will say it’s not. Yeah, it’s not that difficult to find clay in Minecraft world.

But if I say it can also be difficult for them who didn’t collect clay when they got by mining something else, and when they really need clay to build something it can be difficult for them to find. 

—> What biome does Clay spawn in?

You can easily find clays near-desert biomes, near lakes or ocean in Minecraft. 

—> Can you Buy Clay from Villagers?

You can’t buy clay from villagers. yep, it’s true you can’t but you can sell them to villagers and instead of that you can get emeralds.

For some players, this deal is really a good deal but in most cases, it is because it can be so much hard to find an enormous amount of clay in the Minecraft world. So instead of Clay, you can use other things or items such as fish, sticks, or other near-infinite sources of items.


So finally you know what is Clay and how to get clay in Minecraft? and other necessary things too. If I talk about clay in shorts then I will say it is a blessing for every player from Minecraft. Yeah because with the help of this you can decorate your home and other things you want to decorate and can show your creativity. 

As a creative game, this is such a great decision of Minecraft to bring something like this into their game. 

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