How to breed llamas in Minecraft

How to breed llamas in Minecraft – Easiest ways to tame a llama in Minecraft 2022

Are u guys looking for a fully described article about “how to breed llamas in Minecraft” or “How you can tame llama in Minecraft?”

If yes then all you have to do is read this article carefully cause in this article I will cover everything about llamas that you should know. So make sure that you will read the article carefully.

By the way, If you don’t know about llamas, then let me tell you that llamas are one of the most beloved animals in Minecraft. Llamas are also spawned like other mobs.

Also, the appearance of a llama is so attractive and adorable than other mobs or animals in Minecraft.

Fact: Llamas are also known as spitting animals or spitting creatures in Minecraft because of their spitting ability.

These creatures can also help you to carry large loads of inventory across the land without a complaint and only a little spit.

What are Llamas in Minecraft?

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

As I said Llamas are one of the most popular animals or mobs. Basically, llamas are also real-life living creatures, and In the game, you will see many different colors of the llama.

There are four different colors of llamas are available such as brown, grey, white and creamy. Like other animals or mobs in Minecraft, llamas can also be tamed.

Honestly, if you wanna see something more adorable than Llamas then I will tell you to take a look at their babies. Literally, they are even more sweet and adorable than the big llamas.

Available Platforms

Edition PlatformAvailable
Java EditionWindows, Mac & Linux PC’sYES
Bedrock EditionXbox One, iOS, Android, Windows 10 PC’s, Fire OS, Nintendo SwitchYES
Education EditionMac, Windows 10 PC’s, iOs 12YES
PlayStation EditionPlayStation 3 & 4YES


Okay now without further ado let’s jump into the topic…

How to breed Llamas in Minecraft

If you ever breed any other animal in Minecraft then you already know because the process of breeding llamas is the same as other animals, but still if you don’t know then let me tell you…

To breed a Llama first you have to tame them because if you won’t do this then you won’t be able to breed them. So make sure that you tamed them. In case if you don’t know how to tame llamas then read carefully what I am going to say below…

How to tame llamas in Minecraft

As you all know now that how important it is to tame llamas because without that you can be attacked by them and at last you can’t breed them. So here are the ways to tame llamas…

There are two different ways to tame a llama and you can use both ways to tame them:

  • By riding on them repetitively:

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

Llamas can be tamed so easily if you ride on them repetitively until the heart appeared because when the heart will appear then it means that the llama is tamed. Now the question is how you can ride on them?

To ride on them all you have to do is press the “use” on the llama.

Note: you have to make sure that you are holding nothing while pressing use. If you hold something then it can cause danger for you because that may hit the llama and make them angry and after that, they can attack you by spitting.

Still, the whole process depends on the llama’s temper NBT. Yes, you heard right but don’t worry because temper is a positive trait. The higher value of llama’s temper will increase, the higher chances you will get to tame them successfully.

The value of a llama’s temper starts with 0 and the maximum number of this is 100. That’s why when a player tries to ride on an untamed llama, a random number from the minimum to maximum is chosen.

If the chosen number is less than the tempered value then congratulations your llama is successfully tamed, otherwise, the Temper is increased by 5 and the player is bucked off.

Tip: You can also increase the chances of taming them by feeding. One more thing that you should know about llamas that they can still retaliate at you after being tamed.

  • By killing the traders:

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

You can also get llamas from traders because sometimes traders carry some llamas with them. So yeah if you kill the wandering trader and take those llamas with you. After that, all you have to do is ride on them once or twice to tame them.

The good thing about these llamas is you can also place carpets on the llama.

In the java edition, if the wandering trader unleashed them then they become tamable, and in the Bedrock edition, if the wandering trader unleashed them then they become tamed.

Okay, hope you successfully tamed at least two llamas because without two llamas you can’t breed them, so make sure you tamed two llamas.

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Now coming back to the topic…

How can you breed llamas in Minecraft?

Okay to make this easy and quick let me explain this in some points:

  • Get two llamas: I already said how you can tame them so by following the ways make sure you tamed two llamas.

There’s one more thing that you have to do and that is you have to take a lead between those llamas.

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

  • Breeding time: Now you have to breed them. First, all you have to do is collect some hay bale for them. Hay Bale is the food that llamas are usually eat, and we will use them to breed them just like we used to breed other animals by feeding them.

If you don’t have hay then you have to collect nine pieces of wheat and then just have to craft them to create a hay block.

After that, you have to show the Haybale in front of them. Now you will notice that hearts are appearing between them and it means they are in love and within few seconds baby will appear.

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

Uses of Llamas in Minecraft

There are many things you can do with llamas but I will share all the most useful things that you should know…

  • Decoration Purpose: As you, all know llamas are one of the most adorable animals in Minecraft, and that’s why you can easily use them for decoration purposes. The one thing that is a little bad about llamas is you can’t ride on them with the saddle.

But there’s a good thing too, I meant instead of saddle you can use different carpets. And there are many different colors of carpets available in Minecraft world. Each of the colors makes a different and unique pattern on the back of llamas.

Note: If you got the llamas from traders then you all can see that they already have a carpet with a unique design on their bak but if you try to use a different color of carpet then you might lose the carpet.

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

  • Leather: If you kill a llama or after dying a llama always drop leathers. Though this is not a new thing because there are some other animals too who drop leather after dying.

If an adult llama dies then you will get 0-2 leathers and if you use a looting III enchanted weapon then you will get around 5 leather instead of 2.

  • Storage Space: One of the most useful and my favorite thing about llamas is their ability to carry items. But to use them you must have to insert a chest on its back, and by clicking the right button of your mouse you can see the option on your tamed llama to insert a chest.

To use the chest all you have to do is click shift+right-click on the llama.

Tip: You can use different colors of carpets to remember which llama storing your which thing.

How to breed llamas in Minecraft

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FAQS about How to breed llamas in Minecraft

—> Can you breed trader llamas in Minecraft?

OMG yes, you can breed trader llamas too but you must tame them first otherwise you can’t breed them and even cause some dangers because of their spitting ability.

—> How do you breed llama?

Well in this article I fully described the whole process but if you still didn’t understand little then here’s a tutorial video for you…

—> Can llamas have babies in Minecraft?

Just like other animals in Minecraft here you have to tame them first and then all you have to do is breed them by feeding, then you can see their babies too.

—> Can you control a llama in Minecraft?

After taming them you can easily sit on them but you can’t control their movement. It’s all because you can’t use a saddle to control them so that there’s no way to control their movement.

But you can use leads to carry them with you in your Minecraft world journey.

—> Do llamas spit?

Well yes, that’s their special ability too but one thing you have to keep in your mind is don’t let the spit of llamas touch you because you can lose your health.


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