About us

Hello guys,

Welcome to all of you on our about us page.

Here in this blog Gamingeras.com, we will share all the best and valuable gaming information related to gaming such as Minecraft, PUBG, GTA V, and many other games.

My main motive to create this blog is to share valuable and informative gaming tips & tricks and updates.

What I am actually doing…?

Basically, we eat, sleep, play a lot of different games and write all the information we collect by playing those games.

Why I am doing this…?

It’s a common question and also has a simple answer…it’s all because I love to play different adventures, fighting, horror, creative games.

About the Author

So hello myself a gamer and I am the founder of Gamingeras.com. Apart from playing games, I am also a web designer, developer, blogger, and digital marketer.

*The reason I introduced myself as a gamer because there’s no difference between you and me we are gamers right so let’s make the gaming community more strong*

I have been playing games for so long time and also doing my other works too but still I am much more than usual in terms of gaming. It really makes me feel better when I play games and now that I have decided to write also about gaming topics, I think it would be great to share my knowledge with all of you 🙂

By the way, if I ever say or write something wrong please let me know in the comment section, after that I will try my best to improve the issues as soon as possible.